Pantalla LED en el Museo del Real MadridThe particularity of the LED screens set installed on the Real Madrid CF Museum is a unique piece in the Led&Go credentials. Two types of screens: first, a indoor curtain P10mm welcoming at the entrance of the museum; the other, P6mm, used to display text after an opaque glass to create a striking effect.

Prompters | Category: Outdoor | Pitch: P10mm
Cortina | Category: Indoor | Pitch: P20mm

Led Screens at CaixaLabLed&Go designed, developed and installed in collaboration with MediaPro, an innovative solution, tailor-made, consisting of a led modules matrix, where values and keywords of the permanent exhibition are displayed: "Entrepreneurship is an attitude"

Category: Indoor | Size: Various m2 | Pitch: P6mm

Pantalla LED de Alquiler en Premier de "Juegos del Hambre: En llamas"After an important promotional deployment of the film "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire". The stars of the famous trilogy paraded on a red carpet, dominated by a LED screen over 25m2 and 8mm Pixel Pitch, which reproduced in full color and high amount the flames alluding to the film. It's a LED displays rental option that Led&Go makes available to its customers.

Categoría: Outdoor | Tamaño: 25m2 | Pitch: P8mm

BeIN Sports, a subsidiary of Al Jazeera's catarí group is a PPV TV dedicated to the broadcasting of sporting events, and for the 2014 Football World Cup held in Brasil made a major deployment on their television sets. In two of them, located in Qatar, a set of LED elements (strips and screens) were installed, featuring a stunning visual spectacle to viewers during and after the World Cup event.

Category: Indoor | Size: Various | Pitch: P5mm

Pantalla LED en Museo BBVA

Led&Go has installed in BBVA Museum in Madrid museum a large screen in order to develop interactive applications based on showing contents related to events detected by sensors.

Category: Indoor | Size: 8,84 m2 | Pitch: P6mm


Pantalla LED en Multicines Balmes

In Multiplex Balmes, belonging Grupo Balañá, located in Barcelona's Balmes St, Led&Go deployed 12 Led screens in order to promote movies by projecting trailers, posters and information sessions

Category: Outdoor | Size: 18 m2 | Pitch: P6mm


Pantalla LED Fox Box

Led&Go started, along with Publicidad Borman, the 20th Century Fox advertising media renewing. The solution is deployed in major theaters in Spain and is based on the installation of large and customized LED screens to promote movies through trailers.

Category: Indoor | Size: 7m2 | Pitch: P6mm


Pantalla LED BeIN SportsWith a fully customized design, Led&Go deploys its solutions beyond the Spanish borders to Paris where it was implemented in BeIN Sport TV, a set of 24 varied P6mm LED prompters, various dimensions straight and curved, in order to display text with info related to program segments.

Category: Indoor | Size: Diversos | Pitch: P6mm

Pantalla LED Gran Hermano 14After a successful collaboration with Videoreport and Telecinco in the 13th edition of Big Brother, Led&Go installed a new Pitch 6mm LED screen with SMD technology on the TV set of Big Brother 14. The holder were built by three bodies distributed in a curve at the background of the TV set.

Category: Indoor | Size: 80m2 | Pitch: P6mm

Pantalla LED Gran Hermano 12+1In one of the most important and renowned company projects, the imposing 33 m2 LED screen on the set of the reality show Big Brother 12 +1 located in TeleCinco studies in Madrid. High reliability images that are transmitted in real time via national TV, and a screen that folds in half and rises, makes this Led&Go project as unique, custom made.

Category: Indoor | Size: 33m2 | Pitch: P6mm

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