Based on customer requirements, Led&Go is able to design and produce solutions with diferent sizes, shapes, technologies and integrate them with existing content like marquees, displays, signposts... responding in any case to demanding, creative and innovative market requirements

This ability is associated to our direct control from the factory about the product and the team of engineers and technicians working in the design and development of customized solutions, which differentiates Led&Go from our local competitors and internationally.

LED screens curvature is one of the most requested custom items. This particular solution, which requires adaptation within singular curvature for each installation is a challenge that has been overcome by Led&Go emblematic facilities like La Maquinista Mall, the flagship office of ING Direct in Barcelona and the set of TV BeIN Sport in Paris .

In more conventional LED modular solutions, our objective are to optimize the electronics, encourage integration and manageability of the modules during assembly and solve the routing of large areas with resolutions exceeding the full HD sometimes, as in the installation of the corporate headquarters of Bassat Ogilvy Barcelona.

To integrate LED screens adapted in size, depth and shape according to the site to achieve environment mimetization, is a mandatory requirement in most of our projects as Gran Plaza 2 (Madrid) or SmartParc (Tarragona).

As for creative solutions, we can break the classical paradigm of rectangular formats to provide creative and innovative solutions and projects for museums and interior design. An example of this can be seen in the design of the television set of BeIN Sport (Paris), the permanent exhibition Caixa Forum (Barcelona) and the Museum of Real Madrid.

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We design, manufacture and install LED screens and curtains for indoor or outdoor applications in sectors such as advertising, retail, sports, entertainment, signage, information, etc.. More...


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